More than 25,000 new children’s books are published every year.

An increasing share of these new releases push political agendas or hot-button topics, and the leading school book fair vendor advances the latest cultural sensation rather than rich literature. How can parents and teachers find engaging, age-appropriate, virtue-filled stories for their children with so many options to consider?

  • Sparking capable young minds through high-quality language and themes

  • Nurturing hearts with virtue-filled, age-appropriate, character-building stories

  • Strengthening bonds across all ages by igniting the ritual of whole-family reading aloud

  • I just really cannot get over how amazing this is. The kids are absolutely beside themselves! You would think tomorrow is Christmas day! I truly feel that you have carved out a niche. I cannot imagine other schools NOT wanting this service.

    – New York school administrator

  • WE ARE BLOWN AWAY BY YOUR WORK!!!! Thank you for all that you are doing to help us encourage a love for reading that is pure and points us to Jesus! You are changing the world and shaping our future — one child at a time!
    – Florida school parent

  • I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the group of books you curated. It was refreshing to know that I could choose any book and that it would be excellent quality…It was truly the most well-executed book fair I’ve ever experienced.
    – New Jersey school parent

  • I can tell you value thoughtfulness, beauty, and truth when selecting books, and this avid reader/former English teacher/current freelance editor/book fair lover certainly appreciates that!
    – Alabama school parent

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  • Westminster Bookstore is a nonprofit ministry of Westminster Theological Seminary. From customer service, to marketing, to IT, Westminster Bookstore’s staff are seminary trained and passionate about serving the global church through the distribution of books. Order books all year through its new division, Westminster Kids, built to serve parents in equipping the next generation with resources that point to Jesus.

  • Redeemed Reader knows Christian parents and educators struggle to find quality new books. They’re reading ahead for you so that you can confidently choose books for your children and teens. Find links to Redeemed Reader book reviews and parental guidance in many book descriptions throughout the Storyglory Kids bookstore. Visit Redeemed Reader to find more book reviews and resources for your family.