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How are Storyglory Kids books selected?

Storyglory Kids sifts through thousands of books each year to find classic, contemporary, special edition, and Christian titles that (1) spark capable young minds through high-quality language and themes, (2) nurture hearts with virtue-filled, age-appropriate, character-building stories, and (3) strengthen bonds across all ages by igniting the ritual of whole-family reading aloud. We collaborate with Redeemed Reader to include, where applicable, links to online book reviews and parent “caution” notes that indicate, for example, heavier topics, war-related violence, any undesirable—but not extreme—language use, or scenes not recommended for sensitive readers.

Storyglory Kids strives to preserve the innocence of children while still stretching their imaginations, curiosity, and intellect. The following are some of our more specific content filters:

  • Compatibility with a Biblical worldview
  • Exclusion of sexual content, horror, witchcraft, extreme language, and promotion of violence
  • Inclusion of high-quality prose or poetry and edifying themes

Among our portfolio of books, you will find a balanced mix of genres that appeal to each age group, boys, girls, and parents. We choose books that have been written in different time periods and parts of the world, showcasing characters from diverse ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic circumstances. We also hunt for books that engage both avid readers and reluctant ones, encouraging both as they develop appetites for high-quality literature.

Do you carry graphic novels?

Yes and no. We offer a few high-quality graphic novel titles at most book fairs, which we believe can encourage reluctant readers to choose books over screens, engage the brain and imagination in new ways, and help bring known material to life from a different angle (consider this article, by Redeemed Reader, on the place of graphic novels on our family bookshelves). However, we are able to exclude graphic novels from a book fair at a host school's request.

Will anything other than books be sold at the book fair?

No, Storyglory Kids book fairs only sell books—no tchotchkes or toys. In addition to prose and poetry, Storyglory Kids does offer activity books that encourage written or drawn creativity, real-world adventure, physical vigor, or scientific experimentation and discovery.

Can customers order books online? When will they receive their items?

Yes, every Storyglory Kids book fair includes an online store that offers all of the titles carried at the in-person fair (and more). Your school’s fair will have its own URL (storyglorykids.com/yourschool) and a promo code for the discount your school selects (if applicable).

Online orders are typically prepared and shipped from our warehouse the same week that they are placed. Customers may choose free shipping to their host school, if the school is willing to receive the orders, or they may pay a flat rate to have books shipped to a specified address. 

How are books priced? How do schools earn money?

Storyglory Kids offers three book pricing and fundraising options from which host schools choose: 

  • Books are priced at the full Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), and your school receives cash equal to 20% of sales or “Storyglory Bucks” equal to 30-40% of sales
  • Books are priced 10% off of MSRP, and your school receives cash equal to 10% of sales or “Storyglory Bucks” equal to 15-20% of sales
  • For schools that choose not to fundraise, books are priced 20% off of MSRP

Storyglory Bucks may be redeemed at any time within one year of their issue date. They may be used to purchase books for your school’s library, on new curriculum, or as a gift for a school in need. Your book selections are not limited to the titles that Storyglory typically carries; we will do our best to procure the specific titles that your school requests.

Is my school too small for a Storyglory Kids book fair?

Storyglory Kids offers three book fair formats, to accommodate schools of varying sizes: fully in-person fairs with an online shopping option, online-only fairs, and hybrid fairs. Hybrid fairs include in-person demo tables of books for shoppers to browse, but all purchases are made online, fulfilled by our warehouse, and shipped to your school for free or to homes for a flat fee.

How can I set up my book fair for success?

  • Pick the right dates: Especially for in-person fairs, schedule your book fair during one week that, ideally, overlaps with other events at your school that will be bringing people into the building already. For example, if your school holds a weekly assembly open to parents, a Grandparents Day, parent association speaker nights, or other community events, scheduling your book fair to overlap with one or some of these is a GREAT idea!
  • Invite parents, churches, and your community to shop: Kids love book fairs, but grownups do too! Consider allowing parents to come in and shop in-person fairs throughout the day, running the fair before and after school hours, or allowing the fair to run during an extracurricular or external event that occurs in your building (e.g., a sports or church event). Share the link to your online fair with community beyond your students.
  • Assign every class a shopping window during in-person or hybrid fairs: Designate a specific day and time (at least 30 minutes) for each classroom to shop. If students already have a library time each week, this is a good window to repurpose during book fair week. Ask your teachers to communicate their classes’ shopping windows to parents so that families have been able to browse the catalog together, fund a gift card, and/or provide another payment method before their appointed shopping windows.
  • Recruit book fair champions: Form a book fair committee of parents who care about Biblically aligned, high-quality children’s literature. They will be able to provide insight into fair shopping opportunities, provide needed resources, assist with fair logistics, and help you spread the word!
  • Don’t forget marketing! Storyglory will provide printed catalogs for you to distribute. But don’t forget to promote the fair through as many other channels as possible! Consider advertising your fair in established school communications several weeks before the fair launches. Schools may also choose to advertise the fair via social media channels, the school website, sidewalk or bulletin board signage, student folders, and verbally at any in-person events leading up to the fair. Last but not least, have your Parent Association president and class reps, as well as your Head of School, plug the fair in some way. Remember to promote gift cards as a way of purchasing books—so that kids get the experience of independently shopping for great literature—and communicate any fundraising goals, if applicable.

Can a Storyglory Kids book fair overlap with my school’s Grandparents Day, Christmas Market, or other school event?

Hosting a Storyglory Kids book fair that collaborates with other school events can be a great idea. Request more information about scheduling a book fair here. We’ll follow up shortly and look forward to hearing about other events at your school and discussing how a Storyglory Kids book fair might enhance them and vice versa.

Can my school sell Summer Reading Requirements with Storyglory Kids?

Yes! Storyglory Kids loves helping schools make summer reading requirements more fun for students and more accessible for the families purchasing them. We are happy to sell your school’s summer reading requirements as part of any book fair (in-person, online, or hybrid) held during the Winter/Spring semester. We will request information about your summer requirements once your fair is confirmed.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

In-person shoppers may purchase books with Storyglory Kids gift cards, cash, check (made out to Storyglory Kids), credit card, Venmo, or Paypal. Online shoppers may purchase books with Storyglory Kids gift cards or credit card.

Storyglory Kids gift cards may be purchased here. Purchasers will receive a confirmation email once the gift card has been processed.

To shop using a gift card, present the gift card either on paper or digitally so that the barcode may be scanned at checkout. If the gift card is not present, the recipient’s name or gift card number may be found in the POS.

How does my school set up and tear down an in-person book fair? What do we need to provide?

Storyglory Kids will ship your books, catalogs, tablecloths, display stands, book and table signage, and payment processing equipment via a third-party shipper. We will schedule a pickup for you to return supplies and unsold books with return shipping labels we provide. We will also provide simple instructions for both set-up and tear-down processes.

Your school will provide

  • A dedicated indoor space to hold your fair
  • Tables for your books
  • Volunteers to help with receiving your Storyglory shipment, setting up your fair, working shifts at the payment station during the fair, and tearing down the fair on the last day
  • Cash for your payment station (to be reimbursed)
  • Any decorations that you feel would add to the shopping atmosphere. Previous Storyglory Kids book fairs have included beanbags and cloth reading chairs as well as a reading rug, so that kids could not only browse books but also comfortably sit and read them before purchasing. Inexpensive DIY balloon arches (widely available online) make for a colorful and festive entrance over a door.

What happens if we run out of some titles during the fair?

Out-of-stock books may be ordered during the fair and shipped to the school for pickup once the fair has concluded.

How do we schedule a Storyglory Kids book fair?

To schedule a book fair, first let us know you’re interested by filling out the quick form here. A Storyglory Kids representative will be in touch soon!