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Super Fly Guy! (Fly Guy #2), by Tedd Arnold

Super Fly Guy! (Fly Guy #2), by Tedd Arnold

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ISBN: 9780439639040

(Hardback, 32 pages, first published in 2006)

The second book in a humorous, easy-to-read series about a boy and his fly! Books have foil covers!

Fly Guy loves the school lunchroom. He loves the dirty dishes, the smelly mop, and the garbage cans. But when the lunch ladies discover there's a fly in the cafeteria, chaos ensues! Though Fly Guy makes a mess of things, he also shows his powers as a Super Fly Guy!

Using hyperbole, puns, slapstick, and silly drawings, bestselling author/illustrator Tedd Arnold creates an easy reader that is full of fun. Includes an eye-catching holographic foil cover.

Cautions: The series contains supernatural elements in a Halloween volume. See Redeemed Reader's review here.

Recommended Age: 4-8 

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