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Cry, the Beloved Country, by Alan Paton

Cry, the Beloved Country, by Alan Paton

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(Paperback, 316 pages, first published in 1940)

“A beautiful novel…its writing is so fresh, its projection of character so immediate and full, its events so compelling, and its understanding so compassionate that to read the book is to share intimately, even to the point of catharsis, in the grave human experience.” —The New York Times

Cry, the Beloved Country was an immediate worldwide bestseller when it was published in 1940. Alan Paton’s impassioned novel about a black man’s country under white man’s law is a work of searing beauty.

Cry, the Beloved Country, is the deeply moving story of the Zulu pastor Stephen Kumalo and his son, Absalom, set against the background of a land and a people riven by racial injustice. Remarkable for its lyricism, unforgettable for character and incident, Cry, the Beloved Country is a classic work of love and hope, courage and endurance, born of the dignity of man.

Cautions: Heavy thematic elements. Redeemed Reader review coming soon.

Recommended Age: 16+

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