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The Kid's Awesome Activity Book, by Mike Lowery

The Kid's Awesome Activity Book, by Mike Lowery

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ISBN: 9780761187189

(Paperback, 112 pages, first published in 2018)

Hey You! Solve the sandwich maze! Finish a space comic! Draw the alphabet out of snakes!

Welcome to the best activity book ever! It is a book filled with PUZZLES, MAZES, WORD SEARCHES, MONSTER JOKES, SCAVENGER HUNTS, AND MORE. Plus plenty of goodies to return to again and again for hands on play, like FINGER PUPPETS and MORE THAN 400 STICKERS. Also BATS, UNICORNS, GNOMES, PIRATES, and even an ALIEN FLIP BOOK. And did we mention MONSTER JOKES? It’s a book to DRAW IN, WRITE IN, COLOR IN whenever you want. Doesn’t matter where you start, either. It’s not that kind of book. Start at the end. Or skip around. In fact, there’s only ONE RULE when it comes to this book. HAVE FUN!

Cautions: This book ends with several pages of stickers, including one with the Lord's-name-in-vain acronym, which a parent may want to remove. Another "Girls Rule" sticker might suggest a female audience for the book, but it's otherwise quite gender neutral. A couple of sketches / activities in the book have Halloween-like witch or ghost drawings.

Recommended Age: 6-12

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