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Raising Emotionally Strong Boys, by David Thomas

Raising Emotionally Strong Boys, by David Thomas

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ISBN: 9780764239984

(Paperback, 192 pages, first published in 2022)

About those meltdowns, blowups, and one-word answers . . .

Some say that's just how boys are—prone to outbursts or sullenness. But what's behind these and other issues? Drawing from twenty-five years of counseling boys and working with parents, David Thomas sheds light on common emotional struggles, including anger, anxiety, and depression, and shares practical ways you can help your son be

  • Resourceful—equipped to work through his emotions in constructive ways
  • Aware—so that he better understands himself, including his strengths and weaknesses
  • Resilient—having the capacity to cope and feel competent
  • Empathetic—able to understand the feelings and experiences of others

Helpful also for grandparents, teachers, and anyone else who has a boy in their life, this book shows how a strong emotional foundation leads to a Christ-like sense of masculinity that will serve him well his whole life.

"This book is the most impactful, practical, and applicable playbook for raising young men that we have read to date."—TIM and ELISABETH HASSELBECK, ESPN analyst and bestselling author

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