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Doggo and Pupper, by Katherine Applegate

Doggo and Pupper, by Katherine Applegate

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ISBN: 9781250620972

(Hardback, 96 pages, first published in 2021)

An old dog has to welcome a new puppy to the household, in this chapter book by #1 New York Times bestselling author Katherine Applegate with a brightly colored palette from Charlie Alder.

Doggo is used to things being a certain way in his family. He likes routine. Cat says he’s become boring. That is, until Pupper shows up!

Pupper is playful and messy, and turns the house upside down. Soon, the humans realize that Pupper needs some training, and off he goes to puppy school.

When Pupper comes back, he’s well-behaved. He’s not playful. He’s not messy. But Doggo soon realizes that Pupper also isn’t happy. So Doggo steps in to help, and rediscovers what it means to have fun.

Cautions: None

Recommended Age: 6-10

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