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Lucy and the Saturday Surprise (TGC Kids), by Melissa Kruger

Lucy and the Saturday Surprise (TGC Kids), by Melissa Kruger

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ISBN: 9781433584411

(Hardback, 40 pages, first published in 2023)

This TGC Kids Book Introduces Children to the Dangers of Envy and the Joy of Contentment

One Saturday morning, Lucy and her brother, Lewis, each get to choose one piece of candy from the store. But Lucy's delight quickly disappears when she unwraps her chocolate and discovers it melted! Envying her brother’s long-lasting lollipop, Lucy spirals into a pattern of discontent: see, covet, take, and hide. Her envious actions make her feel miserable, but her dad helps her find the path to freedom and grace.

Everyone struggles with wanting what others have. Lucy and the Saturday Surprise helps children understand the dangers of letting desire fester into envy. Through colorful illustrations and engaging characters, Lucy’s story shows kids how to fight against envy and reminds us all that Jesus offers freedom from both the penalty and power of sin. A TGC Kids book.


  • An accessible story accompanied by colorful illustrations that keeps kids engaged
  • An Important Life Lesson: Kids will learn the dangers of envy and the joy of contentment
  • Practical Approach for Parents and Guardians: A “Note to Grownups” provides advice for furthering the conversation on the topic of envy
  • Part of TGC Kids Series: Teaches kids biblical truths while engaging their hearts and imaginations

Cautions: None

Recommended Age: 3-7

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