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The Prairie Thief, by Melissa Wiley

The Prairie Thief, by Melissa Wiley

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ISBN: 9781442440579

(Paperback, 224 pages, first published in 2012)

Louisa Brody’s life on the Colorado prairie is not at all what she expected. Her dear Pa, accused of thievery, is locked thirty miles away in jail. She’s living with the awful Smirches, her closest neighbors and the very family that accused her Pa of the horrendous crime. And now she’s discovered one very cantankerous—and magical—secret beneath the hazel grove. With her life flipped upside-down, it’s up to Louisa, her sassy friend Jessamine, and that cranky secret to save Pa from a guilty verdict.

Ten bold illustrations from Erwin Madrid accompany seasoned storyteller Melissa Wiley’s vibrant and enchanting tale of life on the prairie—with one magical twist.

Cautions: This book contains some scenes that may be tense or scary for younger readers. There is also reference to a possible capital punishment (not carried out) for the father.

Recommended Age: 7-10

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