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The Search for the Giant Arctic Jellyfish, by Chloe Savage

The Search for the Giant Arctic Jellyfish, by Chloe Savage

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ISBN: 9781536228519

(Hardback, 32 pages, first published in 2023)

In this strikingly illustrated debut with a quirky, surreal sensibility, the tale of an Arctic expedition invites readers to discover an elusive creature.

Dr. Morley absolutely loves jellyfish. Her entire life, she has been fascinated by one specific species, a legendary creature that no one has ever seen. Does the giant Arctic jellyfish even exist? After years of research, Dr. Morley and her crew don their red parkas and set off to icy northern waters in hopes of finding the mysterious creature. The Arctic Circle is filled with wonders: playful orcas, the glowing aurora borealis, and formidable ice shelves—but will Dr. Morley find what she is searching for? Or, perhaps, will it find her?

Bringing the stark and breathtaking beauty of the Arctic to life, author-illustrator Chloe Savage’s whimsical and charming adventure into the unknown is sure to capture the imaginations of young explorers.

Cautions: None

Recommended Age: 3-8

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