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Finding Jesus on Upside Down Days, by Jill Miller

Finding Jesus on Upside Down Days, by Jill Miller

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ISBN: 9781645072614

(Hardback, 112 pages, first published in 2022)

In Finding Jesus on Upside Down Days, Jill Miller gives heartwarming, intimate glimpses of her life on the farm. But more than this, as Jill takes care of her animals, enjoying what the Creator has made, God takes her upside-down soul and sets it right-side up.

Designed as a 52-week family devotional, readers of all ages will enjoy this illustrated collection of stories starring Jill's farm animals and pets. Each story has an accompanying Bible verse that reinforces the story's theme, encouraging the reader to see God in daily life. Readers will be able to comprehend the truths of the Bible in deep ways, to discover and experience Jesus, and to know his amazing love for them at a new level. Through reading these stories together, families will be drawn closer to Jesus and to each other.

In writing the stories, Jill had her autistic adult daughter and her grandchildren in mind. I wanted my grandkids to love the things I love--most of all Jesus. I believe God gave me the ideas for the stories while I was in the barn with the animals doing the ordinary things and discovering a God that cares about all things! The fun, the hard and the crazy.

Cautions: None

Recommended Age: 0-12

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