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Mother Goose, by Gyo Fujikawa

Mother Goose, by Gyo Fujikawa

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(Hardcover, 130 pages, first published in 1969)

"Pat-a-Cake,” “Simple Simon,” “Rock-a-bye, Baby:” These and the many other rhymes that make up Mother Goose have become almost as much a staple of child-rearing as the rattle and the bottle. Little ones love its mix of lullabies and limericks, humor and sing-song verse, and they learn from it too. Gyo Fujikawa brought her inimitable style to this version, which features a mix of enchanting line drawings and warm color pictures. Adorable mice, led by a duck in uniform, man the boat in “I Saw a Ship a-Sailing.” A multicultural group of children circle round “The Mulberry Bush.” And “The Three Kittens” have never been cuter. Fujikawa has succeeded in creating a truly magical world for kids to enter.

Cautions: None

Ages: 0-6

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