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Hope in the Valley, by Mitali Perkins

Hope in the Valley, by Mitali Perkins

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(Hardcover, 304 pages, first published in 2023)

National Book Award Nominee Mitali Perkins explores change, friendship, family, and growing up in a community facing a housing crisis.

Twelve-year-old Indian-American Pandita Paul doesn't like change. She's not ready to start middle school and leave the comforts of childhood behind. Most of all, Pandita doesn't want to feel like she's leaving her mother, who died a few years ago, behind. After a falling out with her best friend, Pandita is planning to spend most of her summer break reading and writing in her favorite secret space: the abandoned but majestic mansion across the street.

But then the unthinkable happens. The town announces that the old home will be bulldozed in favor of new―maybe affordable―housing. With her family on opposing sides of the issue, Pandita must find her voice―and the strength to move on―in order to give her community hope.

Cautions: None. See Redeemed Reader's review here.

Ages: 10+

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