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Out of the Silent Planet (Space Trilogy #1), by C.S. Lewis

Out of the Silent Planet (Space Trilogy #1), by C.S. Lewis

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(Paperback, 160 pages, first published in 1938)

From C.S. Lewis, the acclaimed author of The Chronicles of Narnia, comes the first book in the classic science fiction Space Trilogy following the resourceful Dr. Ransom as he is abducted and taken by spaceship to Mars. Written during the dark hours immediately before and during World War II, C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy, of which Out of the Silent Planet is the first volume, stands alongside such works as Albert Camus's The Plague and George Orwell's 1984 as a timeless classic, beloved by succeeding generations as much for the sheer wonder of its storytelling as for the significance of its moral concerns.

While searching for a place to rest for the night, Dr. Elwin Ransom is abducted by a megalomaniacal physicist and his accomplice and taken to the red planet of Malacandra (Mars) as a human sacrifice for the alien creatures that live there. Once on the planet, however, Ransom eludes his captors, risking his life and his chances of returning to Earth, becoming a stranger in a land that is enchanting in its difference from Earth and instructive in its similarity.

First published in 1943, Out of the Silent Planet remains a magnificent and suspenseful tour de force in which epic battles are fought between the forces of light and those of darkness. It is the incredible beginning to C.S. Lewis's spectacular Space Trilogy, which also includes Perelandra and That Hideous Strength.

Cautions: None. See Redeemed Reader's discussion here 

Ages: 14+

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