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Perelandra (Space Trilogy #2), by C.S. Lewis

Perelandra (Space Trilogy #2), by C.S. Lewis

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(Paperback, 192 pages, first published in 1943)

The intrepid professor Dr. Ransom must take on an evil force to save a utopian planet in Perelandra, the second book in C.S. Lewis’s classic science fiction Space Trilogy, which also includes Out of the Silent Planet and That Hideous Strength.

In Perelandra, Dr. Ransom is recruited by the denizens of Malacandra, befriended in Out of the Silent Planet, to rescue the peace-loving planet Perelandra (Venus) from a terrible threat: a malevolent being from another world who strives to create a new world order, and who must destroy an old and beautiful civilization to do so.

Written during the dark hours immediately before and during World War II, C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy, of which Perelandra is the second volume, stands alongside such works as Albert Camus’s The Plague and George Orwell’s 1984 as a timeless classic, beloved by succeeding generations as much for the sheer wonder of its storytelling as for the significance of its moral concerns.

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Ages: 15+

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