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See Me Run, by Paul Meisel

See Me Run, by Paul Meisel

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ISBN: 9780823426386

(Paperback, 24 pages, first published in 2012)

Happiness is a day in the park for a pack of joyful pups, in this Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor-winning Level D early reader.

See me run. A happy, fuzzy gold mutt is running through the park when he finds some friends. So he joins the crowd, and together they run, chase, and play in the mud. Then they begin to dig—and find the mother lode, a huge pile of bones. But when the bones magically arrange themselves into a dinosaur—who isn't very happy to be woken up—the dogs have to run again!

Energetic, cartoon-style illustrations of this pack of mischievous dogs accompany the simple text, adding plenty of visual humor and detail to delight young readers. Filled with personality and fun, this pack of pups is bound for adventure! Suitable for late kindergarten readers, Level D books use a wider vocabulary and more complex plots with multiple scenes. They feature longer sentences and greater variety in sentence structure than the prior levels. Move onto Level E books next!

Cautions: None

Ages: 3-8

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