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The Really Radical Book for Kids, by Champ Thornton

The Really Radical Book for Kids, by Champ Thornton

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(Hardcover, 224 pages, first published in 2023)

The Really Radical Book for Kids continues the exciting dive into the roots of the Christian faith started in The Radical Book for Kids. More Bible exploration, more history, more secret codes, and more faith-filled direction for how to live as a believer in the here and now. Short chapters on a variety of topics will grab the interest of readers of all ages, from 8 to 80! Kids will learn about ancient kings, legendary battles, and fierce snakes and dragons. They'll discover unusual food to make, secret codes to break, fun crafts to try, and strange planes to fly. They'll also uncover exciting ways to read the Bible, factual reasons to believe, stunning truths about God, and incredible examples of "radical" men and women who have gone before them and trusted Jesus in challenging times. This book will spark curiosity and a love for God's Word.

Cautions: None. See Redeemed Reader's review here.

Ages: 5-12

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